How to Translate Text within images using Google Translate

Are you wondering How can you Translate Text within images using Google Translate? or can this app Translate a photo? for those wondering yes it is possible and it’s pretty straightforward to translate an image that contains some text into any available language.

Google Translate is the most popular tool to translate text from one language to another easily.

If you want to translate a particular word, phrase, or sentence all you need to do is enter it in the box and choose the language you want that text to translate.

Not many people know this fact that other than text you can also extract text from any particular image and translate text from that image to any available language you want.

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So if you are looking for the answer to “How to Translate words in an Image”, “How to Translate image text into English” or “How to translate a photo in Google Translate” you are on the right page.

This article will provide you simple to follow, step-by-step guide to translating Translate Text within images using the Google Translate tool.

Translate text from an Image using Google Translate app

Here is the process that you need to Follow –

  1. First, open the “Google Translate” app on your Phone. Download it from play or the app store if you haven’t installed it already.
  2. Once open you will languages option. There set first as “Detect Language” and second as the language in which you want it to translate for example in our case it is “English”.
  3. Tap on the “Camera” icon, which you will see in the bottom right corner.
  4. If the Image isn’t saved on your phone, Use the camera and hit the capture icon.
  5. Any visible text will be translated into the language you want.
  6. If the Image is saved on your phone’s gallery, you can tap on photos on the left side of the capture button to browse photos. Just choose the image and the translator app will do its job.

That’s how you can Translate text within any image using the Google translate app.

Translate Text within images using Google Translate Online

If you rather, use a website instead of using a mobile application you can do that as well. Translate Text within images using Google Translate Online on your web browser.

To do that you have to –

  1. First head over to –
  2. Click on the “Images” tab.
  3. Set the first language “Detect Language” if you don’t know the language. if you do, just set the language.
  4. Set a second language, the language you want to translate Image text in. For example in my case, It is in English.
  5. Hit the “Browse your Computer” Button.
  6. Choose the image to translate text from an Image.
  7. The translator will provide you with the translation of that particular text in your selected language.

Other FAQs

Can Google Translate text in an Image?

Yes, Using the Google Translator app you can easily translate any available language to any language you want.

How can I translate text from an Image?

In your Google Translate mobile app, you either capture an image or choose it from your gallery. It automatically translates the text within an image to any language you want.

How to Translate a photo in the Google Translate app?

You can translate a photo (if it contains any visible text) using the camera icon in the Google Translate app.

How can I access the Camera scan feature in the Google Translate app?

This feature is available on Android and iOS phones. By tapping on the camera icon you can access the scan feature on your mobile phone.

Is Google Image translate picture available on PC?

Yes, it’s possible. To translate text within the image you have to head over to – https://Translate.Google.Com. There just right beside the “Text” tab, click on the “Images” tab and then “Browse from your computer”. In order for it to work, make sure that image you want to translate is saved on your PC.

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