By Rahul Bodana

Best Advance Python books

Fluent Python


This books not helps you revise that everything you learned in Python but also master python programing itshelf.

Python Cookbook


Python Cookbook is a collection of diffrent and small Python codes or scripts that you can use as it is with few small adjustment in your own Python projects.

Test-Driven Development with Python


By providing you example of real-world web application from start to finish this book will show you practical advantages of test-driven development.

Data Science from Scratch


Data Science is must learn topic if you are Python Programmer. Once you are good with core python you are ready to explore the world of data and this book will helps you to learn Data Science from scratch.

Hands-On Machine Learning


This Books provide practical example and guide on how you can build your own Intelligent system with the libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Keras, and Tensorflow.

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