Best Python books for Beginners

By Rahul Bodana

Python Crash Course


This book not only introduces you to each and every fundamental concept  of this language but also offers a Hands-on, Project-based approach to  approach programming.

Automate Boring stuff with Python


Once you Study all of the core concept of Python Programming, this books will helps you understand how can you implement in real life projects.

Head FIrst Python


Head first Python Book follow a non-traditional approach to teach Python Programming. This is interesting read for those who find reading technical books overwhelming.

Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies


This is a Beginners beginner book that helps you understand all of the core concept, functions and anything else Python has to offers in simplest way possible.

Python for Kids


If you want to teach your kids Python Programming this is the book that you must have.

Learn Python the Hard Way


This book is for those who are coming from computer science background or already have expertise in any other programming language. This book will teach you programming in hard way.

Python Pocket Reference


This is convenient pocket guide to quick reference Python topic. Consider this as a dictionary but for Python programming instead of a spoken language.

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