Learning PHP takes time and patience, but don’t be intimidated. Embrace the challenge and you’ll have the power to create world-changing web apps. Keep learning and coding!

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PHP MySQL Complete Guide: Create, Connect & Manage DB records

MySQL database is the most popular and convenient way to store your Data if you are working with PHP. Using PHP MySQL you can easily … Read more
PHP Static Methods & Properties

Static Methods & Properties in PHP – Create & Use With Examples

Static Methods and Static Properties are used when we call out a method or properties but don’t want to bother creating an object for it. … Read more
PHP Traits

PHP Traits: How to Create Traits and use in PHP with Examples

PHP Traits are the way to adapt multiple behaviors in a class. By default PHP only allows you to inherit functionality from a single parent … Read more
PHP Namespace

PHP Namespace: Syntax, How to Declare, Use with Examples

PHP Namespace is the way to group together multiple classes and solve one of the most common issues, using the same name with another class. … Read more
PHP Interfaces

PHP Interfaces: What is, How to use and Implement PHP?

Here we are going to talk about PHP Interfaces. This article will answer What are interfaces, and how to implement them in PHP. What are … Read more
PHP Abstract Classes and Methods

PHP abstract Classes and Methods – How to create in PHP

PHP Abstract Classes and Methods: Sometimes when creating a program we needed to create a class but restrict it to somewhat where its object should … Read more
PHP Inheritance

PHP Inheritance: Concept, Override method, Modify & Final keyword

Here we are going to overview PHP Inheritance, What is Inheritance in PHP is the concept of how to create, modify or override inherited methods … Read more
PHP Access Modifiers

PHP Access Modifiers: Types of Specifiers, How to Use with Examples

PHP Access Modifiers are used to define the range of the Class Property or Variable. Using Access modifiers we define where we can use that … Read more
PHP Constructor and Desconstructor

PHP Constructor and Destructor: How to Create in PHP With Examples

Here we are going to explore what are the PHP Constructor and Destructor in PHP. How to Create in classes and more. What are PHP … Read more
PHP Classes and Objects

PHP Classes & Objects: How to Create Classes and Objects in PHP

Here we are going to see How to Create Classes and Objects in PHP, What is $this keyword and PHP instanceof. PHP Classes & Objects … Read more

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