How to Change Android Wallpaper Automatically


Changing Background on your Android mobile phone is one of the simplest things that you can Perform on your Mobile phone. Its easy and Simple no Doubt, But what if you want to Change how to change Android wallpaper automatically on a Daily Basis?

Well technically it is Possible and you to make few changes in your Android Mobile phone to do so. Here in this Post, I am Going to show you how to change your Android wallpaper automatically.

So in case if you want this Functionality in your Android mobile phone. then Keep reading this Post and Follow the All of the Steps which I am going to mention in this Post.

How to Change Android Wallpaper Automatically

How to Change Android Wallpaper Automatically

You have to Remember that Unlike Windows there is no certain feature in your Android mobile phone by defoult which allows you to Automatically set wallpaper on a Daily basis. To do so you have to install a Third Party mobile Application on your phone which do it on your Behalf.

Certainly, there is lots of Wallpaper App which allows you to set Wallpaper automatically. But in case if you have your own collection and want an App which selects randomly from them and changes the wallpaper on your Phone on Certain interval then You should try Wallpaper Changer App.

[appbox googleplay de.j4velin.wallpaperChanger]

  1. First, you have to Download the Wallpaper Changer App from the link which I mentioned Above.
  2. Once you Download the App then First you have to set the Time Interval Between you want to Change Wallpaper Automatically. For example, in case if you want a new Wallpaper Everday then you have to set it to 1 Day.
  3. if you want to Change the Lockscreen Wallpaper along with the Homescreen wallpapers then you also have to tick on the “Change Wallpaper on Lockscreen unlock” too.
  4. Now Tap on the Setting Tab in the App and Choose Display Radio Button. Tick on Random Wallpaper order and leave rest of the Options as it is.
  5. Tap on the Album tab in the App and Click on the Floating Add button. Now you have to choose the Folder where you currently stored the Wallpaper for Your Android mobile phone.
  6. Once it selected then App is ready to Go.
  7. Now the Wallpaper on your Android Mobile Phone will Automatically change on the Time interval that you set.

In some Phone, you will see red Bar which indicates that you have to enable the Live Wallpaper to use App. Simply enable by tapping and Choosing any one type and then you are ready to go.

So that How to change Android Wallpaper Automatically. If you have any Questions or Suggestions on this Post then you can mention it in the Comment section.


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