Download Clap App : Find your phone just by clapping


Friends have come, an app that lets you find your phone just by clapping. You Already knows about  Clap App and you certainly know in which work it is used.  In this Yet another page on my site, We going to tale you How to Download Clap app for Android phone or We can say this sentence, in other words, Download Clap Apk for Android.

Clap App Review :-

Simply permit the app and unfastened yourself from the tension of finding your cellphone. Now your phone will tell you in which it is through ringing/vibrating/flashing, you just need to Clap to discover it.

By the way if you want to Install Clap App for android on Smart phone then all they need to follow the Each and every step procedure which I Elaborate in this Article.

This short But simple Guide will help you out to Install Clap Apk on mobile phone

Steps To Download Clap App on Android:-

  1. To install, all need to Head back App store and the Clap app Download page by using this link.
  2. This link will redirect you to the Clap Download page of the App store. If you don’t like to install from Playstore or unable to do then you can always choose the Third party Apk site.
  3. Once You are on the App download page then user simply need to tap on Install now Button.
  4. Once the Smart phone app is Fully downloaded then we can start using it.

Feature of Clap Mobile App :-

  • Quickly clap 3 times to configure and get started
  • Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes
  • Customizable ringtone & volume
  • Customizable time for which the alert plays
  • Auto start app when phone is put on silent
  • Pause clap detection when not needed eg: in office hours
  • Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device
  • Customizable sensitivity
  • Widget for easy enabling/disabling
  • Low battery usage

Your works ends here, Once the Clap is installed on Your phone or Tablet then you are ready to start using this Application for your own benefit.

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