PHP MySQL Complete Guide: Create, Connect & Manage DB records

MySQL database is the most popular and convenient way to store your Data if you are working with PHP. Using PHP MySQL you can easily Connect and create a database. Learning MySQL is almost necessary as learning core PHP if you wish to develop websites or web applications. What is MySQL Database MySQL database is … Read more

PHP Traits: How to Create Traits and use in PHP with Examples

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PHP Namespace: Syntax, How to Declare, Use with Examples

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PHP Interfaces: What is, How to use and Implement PHP?

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PHP abstract Classes and Methods – How to create in PHP

PHP Abstract Classes and Methods: Sometimes when creating a program we needed to create a class but restrict it to somewhat where its object should not be created. In those cases, we create PHP abstract classes and methods. An abstract class is a class where we only named a class or method in the main … Read more